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GAP Documents

GAP Credit Application

GAP Marketing Brochure

Florida Building Code Approved Products

Installation Guides

Applying Saturated Felt

Applying Double Coverage Roofing

Applying Rain and Ice Protection

Applying Slate Surface Roofing

Applying Slate Surface Roofing (Spanish Version)

GMCraft Building Paper Installation 

Installing Guardshield

Installing WaterGuard Pin-Perforated HouseWrap

Installing WaterGuard Air Barrier Building Wrap

Installing WaterGuard Flashing Tape

Installing WaterGuard All-Purpose Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Installing WaterGuard Rain & Ice Protection Underlayment

Applying Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing

Material Safety Data

GAP Roofing MSDS

GMC Type 15 & Type 30 ASTM 

GMCraft 10 MSDS

GMCraft 30 MSDS

GMCraft 60 MSDS

GMCraft 60/30 MSDS

GAP 55 Smooth Organic

WaterGuard Product Information

All-Purpose Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Pin-Perforated HouseWrap

Air Barrier Building Wrap

Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Sheathing Tape

Window and Door Flashing

Rain & Ice Protection Underlayment

Saturated FeltProduct Information

GAP G 15 Felt

GAP ASTM 15 D226 Felt

GAP 30 G Felt

GAP 15 ASTM 4869 Felt

GAP 30 ASTM 4869 Felt

GAP Pro 15 Felt

GAP ASTM 30 D226 Felt

GAP Pro 30

Roll RoofingProduct Information

43# GAP Organic Base Sheet

GAP 55 Smooth Organic

GAP 65 Smooth Organic

GAP Fiberglass #90 Mineral Surfaced Roll

GAP Fiberglass Base Sheet G2

GAP Fiberglass Slate Selvage Edge

GAP Tile Underlayment

GAP Valley Seal Roll

Building PaperProduct Information

GMCraft 10 Double

GMCraft 10 Single

GMCraft 30

GMCraft 60 Double

GMCraft 60 Single

GMCraft 60/30

Red Rosin (Metric Roll)

SpecialityProduct Information

GAP 30 Jumbo Split Felt

GAP 30 Split Felt



GAP Deadening Felt

GAP Rain and Ice Protection

GAP Synthetic Underlayment

Product Warranties

All-Purpose 30 Year Warranty

Air Barrier Building Wrap 15 Year Warranty

Marketing Information

GAP Logo PDF Version

GAP Marketing Brochure PDF

GAP Marketing Brochure Flip Edition

GAP WaterGuard Flashing Tape Brochure PDF

GAP WaterGuard Sheathing Tape Brochure PDF

GAP WaterGuard Frequently Asked Questions
Synthetic Roof Underlayment

GAP WaterGuard Frequently Asked Questions
Flashing Tape

GAP WaterGuard Frequently Asked Questions
Building Wrap

GAP WaterGuard Frequently Asked Questions
Organic Felt Underlayment