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"Just wanted to tell you how much your new WaterGuard program has helped 195 Lumber and our customers.

We have traditionally purchased felt products from GAP Roofing while using multiple suppliers for house wraps, exterior tapes, and other roofing materials. These products worked okay but gave us nothing unique to offer our customers.

It was also a constant purchasing challenge to be able to buy enough to stay competitive. It hurt our inventory turns in the way we were doing our purchasing.

The new WaterGuard program has increased our turns and has made us competitive and more cost effective than any other distributor in the market. We now spend fewer dollars by combining all the WaterGuard products on one delivery.

 The WaterGuard line offers the most effective and creative marketing tools we have ever seen. Our in-store service specialist sees the ease and creativity to sell these products by providing marketing brochures and warranties to our contractors. 
The WaterGuard products are all high-quality products that our customers love. They really appreciate that they are all made in North America.
Finally, we have products that offer us something new and unique to sell. Thanks again for supporting 195 Lumber and for developing the most effective exterior building envelope program around!" - Jimmy Parker, Killeen, TX