Our Manufacturing Process

From Raw Materials to Final Product, We Do It Right.

Our competitive advantage is our manufacturing process. Our management team has positioned GAP Roofing to remain a leader in the industry by championing a lean, but high-quality production process for our raw materials and final products. We own the paper mill is not just an advertising slogan, it is the honest truth. By owning the paper mill, we are able to produce the majority of our raw materials in-house. Therefore, allowing GAP to set high standards of production for a product from raw materials to final product on your shelve and eventually, on a roof in North America.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes throughout our four North American manufacturing facilities and are always improving and innovating our roofing underlayment and building paper products. From our humble beginnings in 1990, we have and will remain dedicated to producing the highest quality raw materials and final products in the most lean fashion to satisfy distribution during all phases of market demand for the product. To discuss our manufacturing and distribution processes in more detail, please contact our North American headquarters in Pryor, Oklahoma.