GMCraft 60 Double

GMCraft 60 Building Paper is asphalt saturated building paper which is described as a weather-resistance barrier, or moisture barrier. The application has 49 Feet long covers 162 Sq ft double covers. A single cover GMCraft 60 application is also available.

    Product Use

    GMCraft 60 is used behind stucco, and other exterior wall claddings as a “secondary-weather barrier”. This paper provides needed protection to interior wall damage due to moisture leakage and condensation.

    Technical Data

    ASTM D 779 water resistance exceeds 70 minutes

    • Width of Roll = 40”
    • Length of Roll = 72 Feet long covers 240 Sq ft for single covers
    • Length of Roll = 49 Feet long covers 162 Sq ft double covers
    • Pallet Size = 42” X  42”
    • No. of Rolls per pallet = 144 for Single covers
    • No. of Rolls per pallet = 100 for Double covers


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    Shafter, CA

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