GAP 65 Smooth Organic

GAP 65 Smooth Organic roofing is manufactured from superior quality felt that is saturated with asphalt and then coated on both sides with weathering grade coating asphalt.  Then the product is covered on top with mineral surface fines to prevent sticking in the roll.

    Product Use

    GAP 65 Smooth Organic roofing sheet is applied over the flat roofing deck or insulation before the application of Build-Up Roofing systems. It is also an excellent residential water proofing product for high water areas of roof such as Valleys, Roof edges and low slope roofs. It also is an excellent vapor retardant when installed with hot asphalt.

    Technical Data

    ASTM D 6380 S Type III (formerly ASTM D224-98)

    • Width of Roll 36”
    • Roof coverage per Roll= 108 Square feet
    • Pallet Size 40” X 48”
    • No. of Rolls per Pallet = 35


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    Manufacturing Location

    Pryor, OK

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