GAP Fiberglass Base Sheet G2

GAP Fiberglass Base “G2” Type 2 sheet is manufactured from tough inorganic Fiberglass mat then coated on both sides with weathering grade coating asphalt and then covered on top with white sand fines to prevent sticking in the roll. It is a Florida Building Code Approved product.

    Product Use

    GAP Fiberglass base sheet is applied over the flat roofing deck or insulation as a Base Sheet by Mechanical Fasteners or Hot Asphalt before the application of Build-Up Roofing systems. This sheet is suitable as a vapor retarder, with a solid mopping of asphaltic material, under roof insulation or between multiple layers of insulation.

    Technical Data

    ASTM D 4601-04 Type II

    • Width of Roll = 36”
    • Roof coverage per Roll= 324 Square feet = 3 Squares per Roll
    • Roll Weight = 72 lbs
    • Mass of desaturated glass mat = 1.55 lb/ 100 ft sq
    • Mass of Base Sheet = 37.0 lbs/ 100 ft sq
    • Mass of stabilizer and surfacing ( Max) = 70%
    • Mass of asphalt coating (Min) = 5.6 lbs/ 100 ft sq
    • Breaking Strength at 77F (min)
    • Machine direction and Cross Direction = 22 lb f /in
    • Pliability, (½”) Radius Maximum Failures = 0
    • Pallet Size = 40” x 48”
    • No. of Rolls per Pallet = 20

    Florida Building Code #

    • FL # 2894.1
    • Miami Dade Approved: N/A


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    Manufacturing Location

    Pryor, OK