GAP Valley Seal Roll

Valley Seal is a unique and highly versatile glass fiber reinforced sheet sandwiched between two layers of superior quality polymer modified bitumen. Due to its remarkable characteristics, Valley Seal meets the requirements of ASTM D1970 Moisture Vapor Permeability and ASTM D 4869 Liquid Transmission tests.

    Product Use

    Specially formulated SBS gives lasting performance. Polymer modified asphalt gives excellent pliability. Excellent durability. Lays flat and resists wrinkling for ease of application. Easier to work with than metal and peel and stick materials. Meets ASTM D226 Type I and Type II; ASTM D4601. Passes ASTM D4869 Liquid Water Transmission test. Passes ASTM D1970 Moisture Vapor Permeability.

    Technical Data

    • Rolls per Pallet = 40
    • Weight per Roll = 34 lbs (nominal)
    • Width = 36″
    • Length = 33' 4″

    ASTM D5147

    • Thickness = 55 Mils (nominal)
    • Coverage = 1 Square

    ASTM D6163 Type I

    • Tensile Strength = MD = 45, CD = 45
    • Tear Strength = Pass
    • Dimensional Stability = Pass

    ASTM D4601

    • Pliability at 77°F = Pass

    ASTM D4869

    • Liquid Water Transmission Test = Pass

    ASTM D1970

    • Moisture Vapor Permeability = 0.1 U.S. Perm or Less


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    Manufacturing Location

    Pryor, OK

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