GAP Rain and Ice Protection

GAP Rain and Ice Protection underlayment is a self-adhering rubberized asphalt roofing sheet with a strong fiberglass mat reinforcement. The sheet is covered on top with mineral surface fines and a 4” polymer film. The back of the sheet is covered with an easy to remove plastic release film.

    Product Use

    GAP Rain and Ice Protection is the ultimate underlayment and is used to prevent damage from ice damming and wind blown rain. This extra layer of rubberized asphalt roofing sheet provides waterproofing protection to the deck by sealing the deck around nails. This product provides secondary protection against water penetration after installation of the roof system. The fine mineral surfacing on the top provides excellent skid resistance.

    Technical Data

    ASTM D 1970 (Except water absorption)

    • Thickness 50 mils
    • Width of Roll 39 3/8”
    • 2 Square 200 sq. ft
    • Pallet Size 48” X 48”
    • No of Rolls per Pallet = 36 rolls for 2 sq


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    Manufacturing Location

    Pryor, OK | McGregor, TX

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