GAP Synthetic Guard Shield

GAP Synthetic Roofing Underlayment is a grey polypropylene two-side coated woven fabric with a top polypropylene non-woven slip resistant surface and used as a secondary roofing protection, mechanically attached to the roof sheathing and under an asphaltic single application.
    Product Use

    White polypropylene woven scrim, 1.0 mil/1.0 mil average coating weight (Grey non-woven top/White bottom), total weight 2.7 oz./yd2 (92 g/m2) +/- 5%, and an overall thickness of 6 mil (ASTM D1777). Rolls have a 2” core, 48” (width) x 250’ (length) and weight approximately 20 lb. per roll.

    Material Performance

    Strip Tensile (ASTM D-1970)
    • MD 75 lb. / CD 40 lb.

    Trapezoidal Tear (ASTM 4533)

    • MD 30 lb. / CD 25 lb.
    Pliability (ASTM D-226)
    • Pass
    UV Weathering(AC 188)
    • Pass (maximum UV exposure 90 days)
    Class A Fire Rating (ASTM E-108)
    • Pass

    Roofing Underlayments(ASTM D-226, Type I & II)

    • Pass

    Roofing Underlayments(ASTM D-4689, Type I, II, III & IV)

    • Pass

    Government Specifications


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