GAP WaterGuard Rain & Ice Protection

WaterGuard Rain & Ice is a specially designed and manufactured, self-adhering underlayment for use on steep slopes and as a flashing membrane in areas susceptible to leaks, such as valleys, roof-to-wall transitions, and around vents, curbs, skylights and other roof penetrations.
    Product Use

    It is ideal for low-slope applications (2″ to 4″ per 12″) that demand complete roof coverage and protection, particularly along the eaves; in fact, its application is required by many building codes in cold weather climates (where icing along the eaves is anticipated or where the average January temperature is 25°F or less) or areas of high wind to prevent moisture intrusion caused by ice dams and wind-blown rain.

    Material Performance

    GAP WaterGuard Rain & Ice Protection is manufactured on a woven fiberglass mat with a SBS polymer modified asphalt top coating and surfaced with a sand release agent. The bottom coat is an aggressive asphalt-based adhesive, protected with a factory applied, split-release film that is removed prior to installation.

    Technical Data

    ASTM D 1970 (Except water absorption)

    • Thickness 55 mils (nominal)
    • Width of Roll 36”
    • 2 Square Roll 195 sq. ft
    • Pallet Size 48” X 48”
    • No of Rolls per Pallet = 36 rolls for 2 sq

    Government Specifications

    ASTM D1970 – Nail sealability


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    Manufacturing Locations

    Pryor, OK