GAP WaterGuard Sheathing Tape

GAP WaterGuard Sheathing Tape is an aggressive solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive coated to a biaxially oriented polypropylene film, designed to not support mold growth and is water, tear and UV resistant.It can be applied in a range of temperatures (down to 14ᴼF, -10ᴼC and as high as 122ᴼF, 50ᴼC) and operational range (down to -40ᴼF, -39ᴼC and as high as 210ᴼF, 100ᴼC). This material is for use as a high tack construction tape for all types of sheathing materials to avoid air-infiltration.
    Product Use

    Bi-axially oriented polypropylene film (red and white), coated with a solvent acrylic adhesive and printed with governmental conformance details (CCMC #13123-R). The overall thickness (ASTM D3759) is 3.4 mil (0.086mm). Rolls have a 1.5” core, 48mm (width) x min. 50m (length).

    Material Performance

    • 1.6 mil / 40 μ BOPP


    • Solvent Cast Acrylic
    Tensile Strength (ASTM D3759) lbs./in
    • MD 26 lb. (114 N / 25mm)
    Adhesion to Steel (PSTC 101-F) oz./in
    • MD 64.5 lb. (17.6 N / 25mm)
    Adhesion to Non-woven House Wrap oz./in
    • MD 35 lb. (9.6 N / 25mm)

    Quick Stick to Steel (PSTC 5) oz./in

    • MD 31 lb. (8.5 N / 25mm)

    Elongation (% at break, PSTC-133)

    • 191.5%

    Application Temperature

    • 14ᴼF to 125ᴼF (-10ᴼC to 50ᴼC)

    UV Weathering

    • 6 months (UV stabilized to the coating)

    Government Specifications

    Meets requirements for CCMC #13123


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    Manufacturing Locations

    Pryor, OK | McGregor, TX | Shafter, CA

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