WaterGuard Self Adhered MetalGuard HT

The GAP Roofing WaterGuard Self-Adhered MetalGuard HT is a slip-resistant polyolefin film surface sheet with an SBS bituminous adhesive back side incorporating a poly split release liner, for ease of application. This high temperature resistant formulated material is ideal for use under metal roofing and other high temperature roofing requirements. This material is also ideal for mechanically fastened tile and direct -to-deck synthetic roofing materials.

    Product Use

    GAP Roofing WaterGuard Self-Adhered MetalGuard HT can be used for all types of metal roofing (for copper, please consult your building architect) as well as mechanically fastened tile and direct-to-deck synthetic roofing productgs. The Sa MetalGuard HT has a slip-resistant top surface film for ease and security for walking and movement on the roof. The high temperature bituminous SBS formulation offers greater performance, adhesion, conformity and stability in high heat roofing applications. The poly split release liner makes this SA MetalGuard HT easy to install and bonds to itself for easy installations and overlapping.

    Material Performance

    Data (ASTM D1970), FBC# FL22853.1 (HVHZ Miami & Dade Counties)

    Rolls/Pallet = 25
    Weight/Roll = 68 lbs (nominal)
    Roll Dimensions; Width = 36”, Length = 67’
    Coverage = 2 Square (201 square Feet)
    Thickness (ASTM D1777) = 60 Mils (nominal)
    Exposure Rating 120 days
    Perm Rating = <0.1 U.S. perms
    Moisture Vapor Permeance = 0.1 U.S. perms
    Packaging = Shrink Bag
    Manufacturing Location = U.S.A.


    Download Printable Documents

    WaterGuard Self-adhered MetalGuard HT Sheet Technical Data Sheet

    WaterGuard Self-adhered MetalGuard HT Installation Instructions

    WaterGuard SA MetalGuard HT Sell Sheet

    WaterGuard SA MetalGuard HT MSDS Sheet