WaterGuard Self Adhered SBS Base Sheet

The GAP Roofing WaterGuard Self-Adhered SBS Base Sheet is a polyolefin black film surface sheet with a bituminous adhesive back side incorporating a poly split release liner, for ease of application. This material is ideal for a 2-ply system utilizing the GAP Roofing WaterGuard Self-Adhered SBS Cap Sheet (for the exposed top surface membrane). This material offers great adhesion to the roofing deck in low slope residential applications (like patio roof extensions) and excellent water hold-out properties.
    Product Use

    GAP Roofing WaterGuard Self-Adhered SBS Base Sheet can be used as a “membrane” base ply with our GAP Roofing WaterGuard Self-Adhering SBS Cap Sheet as a 2-ply system in low slope residential applications. This material can also be used for other cold applied built-up roofing systems requiring a polymeric top surface. This cap sheet is easily applied by removing the split release film from the adhesive side pressing the membrane’s self-adhesive back surface into place.

    Material Performance

    Top Surface = Polyolefin film, black

    Release Liner = split polymer

    Rolls/Pallet = 20

    Weight/Roll = 70 lbs (nominal)

    Thickness = 55 Mils (nominal)

    Coverage = 2 Squares

    Roll Dimensions; Width = 39 3/8”, Length = 67’

    Government Specifications


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