We Are GAP. We Are Family Owned. Roofing Runs In Our Blood.


The GAP Roofing, Inc. that you see today with four locations strategically located throughout North America, is a dream that came to fruition. Our company was founded by the Passmore family with multiple generations of Passmores leveraging their time, energy, sweat, tears, and dollars to invest in the idea of manufacturing roofing underlayment products for hard working Americans just like them. The Passmores leveraged their extensive background in manufacturing and the roofing supplies industry from previous roofing underlayment companies to launch, Great Asphalt Products (GAP), in 1990 in Pryor, Oklahoma at the Mid-America Industrial Park.

Twenty plus years since the inception of the company and the Pryor, Oklahoma location is the world headquarters for GAP and it possess the key ingredient to the company’s continued growth and prosperity within the roofing underlayment industry, its paper mill. The Passmores knew that manufacturing and distributing roofing underlayment was more than just producing a reliable product for use by contractors. It was about championing manufacturing processes that would allow the company the ability to provide a quality final product, short lead times for their retailers, and avoided breakdowns in manufacturing when the market needed their product the most, rebuilding after natural disasters. However, it was the Passmore’s past experience within developing roofing underlayment companies that lead them to the conclusion that to achieve a better final product, lessen lead times for their distributors, and to be able to meet demand when natural disaster arises, they needed control of the production of quality raw materials.

Obviously, without their employees, GAP’s growth would have not been as meteoric within its twenty year existence. However, it was the birth of the paper mill at the Pryor, Oklahoma location that allowed the Passmores and GAP to become a leader in the roofing underlayment industry in North America. Through the years the company  expanded to Texas, Florida, and California to provide the North American continent with a trusted supplier of quality roofing underlayment and building paper products for both residential and commercial jobs.

However,  the word “coasting” is not in the GAP employee manual or company vision statement. GAP continues to diversify its products manufactured and distributed to American retailers. In addition to championing new methods of manufacturing to continue to provide a quality final product, shortening lead times for its retailers, and to be able to answer the call when the market demands an increase in product. With an eye on innovation and cutting edge roofing technology, GAP under the same tutelage that turned a Pryor, Oklahoma company into an industry leader, continues to be customer centric and listens to the desires of its retailers and installers. Before the company celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015, you can count on seeing new products being manufactured and distributed from all four GAP locations to the shelves of home improvement and building supplies stores across the continent. In addition, GAP will continue to stay on top of new methods of providing support to its current distributors and installers, because these stores and contractors are the frontline representatives for the GAP brand of products and they are the company’s key to future growth in North America.

We are GAP, we are family owned, and roofing runs in our blood.